Regie Masao Adachi
Darsteller Michio Akiyama, Yûji Aoki, Masaaki Hiraoka, Susumu Iwabuchi, Makiko Kim
FSK 16
Produktionsland Japan
Jahr 2018
Verleih Rapid Eye Movies
Kategorie Erotik
Länge 74 min
Audioformat 2CH-Mono
Untertitel Englisch
Bildformat 1:2.35
Framerate 24
2D/3D 2D
High-school students Yasuko, Yôichi, Kôichi and Bill want to escape from their overwhelming sense of alienation from the world around them and indulge in group sex to explore whether they can forge their own path liberated from a corrupt adult society. Yasuko is driven by the goading encouragement of her peers to feel what it is like to be a prostitute, with sex reduced to a mere economic transaction. She sets out an odyssey of self-exploration in search of complete satiation. The most cryptic and formally radical pink film from the most politically radical director ever to work in the field: GUSHING PRAYER deploys actual suicide notes and a haunting guitar refrain by folk musician Minami Masato to express the spiritual and political left vacuum in the wake of the failed student movements of the 1960s. The cinematography by Itô Hideo, who also shot Ôshima Nagisha’s IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (1976), captures an intriguing melding of the documentary with the cinematic. Biography Born in 1939 Adachi Masao emerged from Tokyo’s Nihon University Film Study Club, alongside the experimental filmmakers Jônouchi Motoharu and Okishima Isao, to become one of the leading figures in the underground avant-garde scene of the 1960s with films such as RICE BOWL (Wan, 1961), SEALED VAGINA (Sain, 1963) and GALAXY (Gingakei, 1967). Adachi directed some of pinku eiga’s most energetic and politically radical works before withdrawing from filmmaking in 1974 to move to Lebanon, where he joined the Japanese Red Army (JRA). Arrested in 1997 for a passport violation, he was extradited to Japan in 2000, where he made his return to directing with PRISONER / TERRORIST (Yûheisha / Terorisuto, 2007). Director Filmography (selected) SEALED VAGINA (Sa’in, 1963) GALAXY (Gingakei, 1967) SEX PLAY (Seiyûgi, 1969) HIGH SCHOOL GIRL GUERILLA (Jogakusei gerira, 1969) AKA SERIAL KILLER (Ryakushô: renzoku shasatsu-ma, 1969) GUSHING PRAYER: A 15-YEAR-OLED PROSTITUTE (Funshutsu kigan: 15-sai no baishunfu, 1971) RED ARMY / PFLP DECLARATION OF WORLD WAR (Sekigun-PFLP: Sekai sensô sengen, 1971 –Co-directed with Matsuda Masao) PRISONER / TERRORIST (Yûheisha / terorisuto, 2007) ARTIST OF FASTING (Danjiki geinin, 2016)
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Beschreibung Dimensionen Framerate Kanäle Länge FSK Typ Größe
Pink_Teaser_vol1-5 2048 × 858 24 Stereo 1m 23s MP4 51.4 MB download
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